About Us

Who We Are

Hi! I am Sherine El hashemi, Egypt born, Canadian, living in Argentina for over 10 years, I started the Travelling greens because I found that trying to eat healthily without having to compromise on flavour can be a challenge, I designed a menu with this in mind. I am a big salad lover, as in I love BIG salads! The idea to create a salad delivery service was one I’d had for many years before we opened in September 2016, and I’m so happy that our customer base has been continuing to grow – friends always told me that my salads were too good not to be shared, some just need more then a “Mixta”!!!

Cooking and working with food is something I’ve always enjoyed, and I have plenty of experience in the food industry, having worked in restaurants for over 13 years. I prepare all of the salads and dressings fresh every morning by hand, so I’m very passionate about what goes into them. My priority is making my products as healthy and tasty as possible, so I use only fresh ingredients, and I try to go organic whenever I can, with the ultimate goal of going completely organic.

The many countries I visited whilst backpacking throughout my youth have inspired the different names and flavours of each of my salads, which explains the company name The Travelling Greens. My best sellers are the Zicatela, named after an amazing surf spot in Mexico, which is my personal favorite, and the Zamalek hummus dip, named after a district in Cairo – although I’ve got my Mother’s secret recipe to thank for that one. There’s definitely no antidote to the travelling bug – and there’s nothing I love more than continuing to explore and experience new countries and flavours to design new salads for my menu!
I owe a huge thanks to my lovely and ever-growing Buenos Aires salad-loving community for supporting The Travelling Greens, and I hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our journey!

Our goal is to always provide wholesome, nutritional salads that will fuel you. Always.

Remember – “Not all those who wander are lost, many are just looking for a really good salad.”